• Image of Dagger Sister Merm

"The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen was my favorite story as a 4-year-old. And at age 9, I decided that I would make a movie about it. Naturally, a couple years later, I got showed up by Disney.

However my consolation was always in the fact that the true story of The Little Mermaid has yet to be told in such an epic fashion. So here is one particular moment in the story which I always found fascinating: the minutes before the Little Mermaid's sisters give her the dagger which they obtained by cutting off their beautiful, prized hair in order to sell it to the sea witch in exchange for the dagger which will turn their sister back into a mermaid if used to pierce the heart of the prince whose blood was to be applied to the Little Mermaid's legs.

Watercolor original, printed on watercolor paper.